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Hello Calgary and Vancouver

I think this is where I’m supposed to brag about all the great things we are and convince you to hire our team to design your beautiful new custom home.


But I’m not going to do that.


If you want a long list of our credentials, you can check out our media appearances. If you want to see how great our portfolio is, you can check out our work here. And if you still want more, you can check out our long list of awards here.


I’m going to cut to the chase because your time is valuable.


Here’s what we do:  We design beautiful luxury homes, perfectly suited for you.


Our clients appreciate great design but are also just nice people overall.  They’ve worked really hard to get where they’re at and now they want an amazing house they can call their very own.

Here’s what we’re really good at:

  • Designing a home you love coming home to
  • Designing homes that scream WOW (aka curb appeal)
  • Practicing an ego-free design approach (it’s your house, not ours)
  • Asking you the right questions to find out what you want, even if you don’t know what you want
  • Delivering a final design that is on budget
  • Stretching a client’s dollar as far as possible (not to be confused with cheap or low-budget)
  • Leading our clients stress-free through the planning process
  • Having a really fun experience with our clients
  • Loving every project we have and treating it like our very own
  • Taking care of our small number of select clientele
  • Being real


Here’s what we suck at:

  • Telling you what you want to hear, just because you want to hear it
  • Not sharing our opinions (although we will always respect yours)
  • Compromising quality
  • Taking on your project if we don’t think it’s a good fit
  • Being the cheapest home designer out there
  • Rushing through a project just to get it done
  • Working with builders who compete on “cost per square foot”
  • Taking shortcuts to get a job done faster or cheaper
  • Designing space ships

If you’re looking for what we can deliver, reach out and let’s have a chat.


If not, that’s OK – we can still be friends.  We still really like you and appreciate you checking out our website 😊  Maybe we’ll cross paths again some day in the future.


Looking forward to connecting with you soon.

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